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In my early twenties I became aware of the presence of Angelic entities affecting my life and consciousness. At that time I was devoting a great deal of time trying to understand and communicate with these and other ethereal energies. A dear friend of mine introduced me to one of Doreen Virtue's books on Angels, which included the chapters on Angel numbers and synchronicity. I made it my goal to understand this phenomenon that is intimately woven into our day to day life's. 

After about a year of diligent study, observation and record keeping I began to see the underlying messages hidden beneath the surface of the symbols we use in our day to day lives, specifically the deeper esoteric meaning behind numbers and letters. Using Doreen's system as a guide I further developed my own understanding through intuition, guidance and deliberate request for clarification. After coming to terms with the undeniable evidence I was seeing on a daily basis, I began to incorporate these messages into my day to day life and decision making process, until it became second nature.

Subsequently, at the end of the following summer I found myself out of town on a business trip. While I was away I continued to see signs and feel a deeply profound intuition urging me to cut my trip short and return to Vancouver to attend a performance that was going to be put on by one of my greatest mentors. I followed my gut and came home the night before the show. The next morning, I woke up and searched for any available tickets, but there were none available, the show was completely sold out! Nevertheless, I still felt there was at least one ticket out there with my name on it, I decided to go to the venue and see what happened.

As I was driving to the show I was paying close attention to my thoughts and the information that was being presented to me. At a certain point on the highway a clear synchronicity presented itself to me, two cars came in front of me, the license plates were conveying a message to me that was clear to see, despite my skepticism. One plate read APC 923 and the other was MJK 923, at the time the letters were easy to interpret, one being and acronym for the band and the other the initials of the lead singer. The only part that was hard to understand was the number sequence. This is because Angels can sometimes provide numbers as overall guide to understanding a particular situation and at other times the numbers can be taken as a literal reference to a specific time or date. My gut told me they were referring to a specific time "9:23pm".

I arrived at the show early and asked at the will call for any extra tickets for sale, there were none, however I was told that I could wait in the cancellations line in case any extra tickets were made available just before the show. I waited in line for over an hour with about twenty other hopefuls. As the opening act took the stage, the line I was in began to dwindle, by 9pm I was the only person in front of the theatre. I figured I'd waited this long, I might as well hold out another 20 minutes to see what happened. As the clock passed 9:20pm, my hope and disappointment were at odds with each other.. And then, at exactly 9:23pm a girl emerged from the theatre, in obvious search of someone. A very loud voice in my head told me to go speak to her. I approached and described my plight, she replied, that she had an extra ticket for her brother, but he hadn't shown up. She could tell I was a true fan and had waited all night.. she gave me the ticket for free! I walked in and found my seat just in time for the first song and went on to enjoy one of the most magickal and unforgettable nights in my life! I never looked at the world the same way after that night. 

The phenomenal world we interact with via our five sense, are but a fraction of the true energies that comprise our reality. If we take the time to expand our consciousness and awareness we will begin to interact with subtle forces that can be of great help in our understanding and development as spiritual beings having a uniquely human experience. I hope this story has given you inspiration, as it always has for me. And I hope it leads you to discovering your Angelic revelations and validations

Although angels will not interfere with our free will, they will intervene when a life-threatening situation arises beyond our control.  They will appear in the form (human or animal) that is appropriate for the situation.  Steve tells this remarkable story of the when he was a teenager.

My dad and I were upcountry and driving home on a long stretch of mountainous highway along the Thomson River.  My dad was driving and I was in the passenger seat.  It was a blistering hot day and the windows were open.  I had my head leaning against the window and had dozed off when suddenly a bee flew in the window and whacked me in the head!  I woke up startled and noticed that my dad had fallen asleep at the wheel and the car was veering across the road towards the cliff down to the river!  At that very moment I yelled at my dad to wake up!  In a split second, he was able to take control of the car and keep it on the road.  That bee saved our lives.
Steve - Canada



The story connects ring with rose quartz stone bought with expectation to find true, greatest and everlasting LOVE with Angels super power.

Many years ago I've tried so hard for eternal love.  An Angel show up and I remember this moment as an undisturbed moment of happiness and calmness that I have not ever experienced before.  First I smile to him but later couldn't stop laughing.

After a while one particular male "figure", someone I knew before, became more prominent and it was quite clear to me that he might be the One since a few other signs I've dreamed about were pointing to him as well.  It was not a spark but rather a stable and obvious attraction.

The "Love ring" I bought, is simply informing me "where" the things are.  Archangel Michael has been an excellent guide in answering all the questions I have.  It is happening in form of Archangel Michael's oracle cards when I ask direct questions or all kind of signs.  His signs are always so clear!!!

One day, the rose quartz stone from my ring fell out.  I looked for the stone everywhere and could not find it.  After a couple of months of not being able to find my precious stone, I wrote in my journal to Archangel Michael, my beloved Angel who is protecting and helping me no matter what.  The next day, I miraculously found the stone in the parking lot!

From the end of last year until now I have been on a wonderful discovery journey of my Spiritual Self.  I've learned a lot and it all started with Maria's Angel TAROT 101 workshop earlier this year, which I highly value because it started my dialogue with Angels.

God bless your good heart and thanks for all the time you spend to "set straight" my vibrational energy which now is almost back to what it should be thanks to You, Angels, and God.   Thank You. You are all deep in my heart.

Angels be with all of Us.



Despite feelings of inadequacy in high school, there came a time when I really wanted to be part of the football half-time entertainment drill team. With encouragement from a true friend and family members, I mustered up the courage to try out. Each candidate was given a number to wear; my number was 44. I remember thinking that three or seven would be luckier. I found out the next day that I was mistaken. Number 44 had made the squad!! From that day forward, 44 became my lucky number and I have used it on many occasions over the past several decades in that capacity. It wasn't until attending Maria's Angel Workshop last year (2012) that I discovered the angel meanings for numbers. 44 was the message that my angels' help was, and is, nearby. I am 4ever grateful!
Penny - Port Coquitlam, B.C.


I was recently driving my car in heavy rainfall down a steep hill towards a stop sign. I applied my brakes but my car did not slow down.  I pulled on my handbrake but still didnt stop.  The intersection was getting closer and I prayed as I rolled through the stop sign.  I hoped nothing was coming from the main road across the bottom. I seemed to be floating through the intersection in a calm quietness and I was not afraid. I just knew my Angels were with me keeping me safe.  I eventually came to a stop at the curb at the bottom of the hill.

June - Coquitlam, B.C.


I am a professional football player.  Recently I was told that my team number 44 is an angel number meaning “angel guidance and protection”.  I thought that was pretty cool.  During a football game a few days ago, the other team had a chance to score but the ball was fumbled and I managed to retrieve the ball.  Although I didn’t notice at the time, it was pointed out to me that at that very moment that I retrieved the ball, the clock showed 44 seconds left in the game.  We won the game.



My family owns a garden. This garden is about 30 minutes walking from our apartment. One summer day I was on my way there. I remember I did not pay attention to the traffic while crossing the road. Suddenly a hand stopped me. I felt someone's hand on my chest where my heart was. It was made with quite a strength. It surprised me because there was no one around.  And at the same time I saw a car passing by. I did not see it before! I was lucky. It was so real.
Misa - Vancouver, Canada


Hi Maria, Just had to tell you that I attended a weekend long bridge tournament this past weekend.  This tournament pays silver master points to winners.  Most of the room was filled with top notch bridge players from across BC and Washington.  I needed 35 silver master points to achieve a new higher ranking.  I would have been very happy to get 1 silver point from this tournament, because many players do not score any points at all.  Before each session, I sat in my car and asked all my angels to PLEASE help me have a good game, to play and concentrate well.  I had a good partner and wanted to do well for him too.  Anyway, after playing all afternoon and evening on Saturday, I scored 8.44 silver!!!!!!  Playing Sunday morning and Sunday afternoon, I scored 4.40 silver!!   Love those 4’s!  A happy camper am I.  I have had 4 minor accidents in the past year (I guess I’m glad that 4 were all  MINOR accidents) so I was very nervous driving home with all the excitement and pleasure I was beaming!
Jo-anne - Coquitlam, B.C.

This story begins over 6 months ago when I faced what appeared at the time to be quite a negative situation. As so often happens though, it set me on a path which has brought me across the country and I am now living in the same city as my parents, siblings, nieces and nephews. A dream come true.

Since my arrival here Sept 11, 2012 I have had the very good fortune to live with my father while I somewhat settled into a new job and new surroundings. Everyday I have tried to visualize myself in joy and have tried to appreciate the good things about this transition. Everyday as I walked my dog I found more reasons to love the building my father lives in and started affirming I would own a ground floor unit here. And not just any ground floor unit but one that satisfied the "list" of features I desired.

On Monday March 25 I heard a gentleman on the ground floor had moved out. I made an offer to purchase his unit on Tuesday April 2nd and set a date of Friday April 5th for my offer to expire. The owner contacted me on the afternoon of April 4th to let me know my offer was accepted, without any negotiation whatsoever! That evening I read Maria's AngelWisdom Letter and took great interest in Penny's story which referred to Angel number 44. Truly, I made no connection between the events of my day and number 44 until a friend of mine who had insisted I participate in Maria's upcoming Angel Tarot 101 workshop pointed out to me that the angels had a hand in my condo purchase because April 4= 44!

Now I am attuned to the significance of the number 44. And incidentally, the workshop was incredible as well!
Tonia - Coquitlam, B.C.


My son was on a business trip in North Carolina and he would have to drive through 12 States to get back to Vancouver in 6 days.  I called him one afternoon and he said he couldn't talk as he was driving in a thunderstorm and needed to concentrate.  I was worried about him so I prayed that night and asked my Guardian Angel to watch over him as well.  I had no sooner stopped praying that I felt a comforting warmth spreading down my back.  The next day my daughter-in-law called me and said that my son had called her from his hotel room and had mentioned the storm.  He said it had been the strangest thing - there were black storm clouds all around him when a light shone down from the sky and cleared his way - as if someone was watching over him.  In the rear view mirror he could see the blackness but the sky had opened up for him.   My prayers were answered and my son was safe.
B.M. - Vancouver, Canada


When I was about 15, I battled my first bout of severe depression.  It was a warm summer evening and both my mom and I were sitting on the front porch of our home in North Vancouver. I had spent most of my days crying- I had lost hope that I was ever going to get better. We were talking to one another and all of the sudden everything around us went quiet, and everything around us began glowing this warm soft hue of pink. It was beautiful. We were in awe at this moment wondering what was causing this phenomenon. Then, we both looked up into the sky and there was a cherub Angel that had formed in the clouds and she had her hands together in the prayer formation. It was amazing! And from that point on I knew I was going to get better. I have that moment to be grateful for, for giving me that glimmer of hope that everything was going to be alright.
Sandra - Fort St. John, BC, Canada

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